• Peached Tortilla Japa Jam, Trailer Foods
  • Hey!... You Gonna Eat or What's "CHERRY FIG JELLY"
  • Lucky J's Jerk Jam

Trailer Food Jellies, a Division of Trailer Food Diaries, makes jellies, jams and sauces using food truck recipes across the USA. Based in Austin, Texas, a percentage of each jar sold goes directly to the food trailers.

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Street food is an age-old concept that is represented in every culture in the world. But only in the last five years has the food truck culture blossomed to it’s full potential in the United States. Gourmet chefs conducting business out of food trucks, carts and trailers are making a splash in the culinary scene with their distinct flavor combinations.

TRAILER FOODS is on a mission to provide you with unique flavors from the top food trucks in the U.S.

We work with the individual food truck owners to replicate the recipes you would get on their menus. On our blog, we will be posting the original use of the jellies alongside some creative ways for you to incorporate them into your home cooking. For example, the Japa Jam from the ‘Peached Tortilla’ is used on their Japanese Burger. But at home, you might play with it in your grilled cheese sandwich, meatloaf sliders or Bolognese sauce. The Cherry Fig Jelly from ‘Hey! You Gonna Eat or What’ was originally used as a dipping sauce in their Shiner Beer Battered Monte Cristo but at home we use it in a cherry cranberry...